Friday, August 14, 2009

All Her feasts, her actions worship ....

On the 27th June 2009 we had a procession in honour of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. A small icon of Our Lady was carried around the Cathedral to give public witness to our love for the Blessed Mother and to thank Her for accepting our petitions.

"Lost in wond'ring contemplation be her majesty confessed, call her Mother, Call her Virgin, happy Mother, Virgin blest."

"She is mighty to deliver; call her, trust her lovingly. When the tempest rages round thee she will calm the troubled sea"
A box for petitions was provided and many eager petitioners approached their heavenly Mother and Queen.

We look forward to many more opportunities to honour Our Lady asd beg her intercession.

30 days hath .....

Yep, it is one of those months were we have a first and a fifth Sunday. That means that we will be having a TLM on the fifth Sunday in August. Mass will be at 11:30am as usual on the 30th.

One of the restrictions on having a regular Sunday Mass at the Cathedral is that Mass is held for the different communities at 11:30 on the second, third and fourth Sundays. That means we only have the first Sunday available for the TLM. So when we have a fifth Sunday we are able to fit in an extra TLM. Deo Gratias.