Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photos for the Pope - Mass July 29th

"Let my prayer be directed as incense in Thy sight; the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice." (Ps. 140).

In July, Leo Darroch (President of Una Voce) asked us to take some photos that could be included in the annual report that Una Voce submits to the Vatican and that is handed to the Holy Father.

Leo informed me that he had used some pictures from this blog for the 2009 report and that these were well received by the staff in the various departments of the Vatican.

A few of the 2010 photos below.

Prayers at the foot of the Altar

Incensation of the faithful.

Elevation of the Host

A packed Cathedral, part of the crowd of up to 1200 people who attend Sunday Mass.

With between 600 and 1200 people receiving Communion at the Mass we have additional priests to assist with the distribution of Holy Communion.

Clergy, Servers, Choir Director/organist and a soloist

The judicious application of a surplice turns a server's red garment from the Ordinary Form into a cassock for the Extraordinary Form. The idea of our sacristan, Constance Kayombo.

We have many needs to allow us to celebrate the TLM in the most fitting way possible. Please consider helping us.

Photo Credits: Catherine Cordeiro

Some additional photos here.