Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January/February special events

While the Mass Schedule remains basically unchanged Fr. Shaun von Lillienfeld will be adding a few special events:

Tuesday, 20th January: Feast of Sts. Fabian & Sebastian, Following the 17:30pm TL Mass the faithful will be blessed with and have the opportunity to venerate a first class relic of St Sebastian.

Monday, 2nd February: Feast of the Purification (Candlemas). A Traditional Latin Mass will be said at 17:30pm. This will include the blessing of candles according to the 1962 Missale. If you use blessed candles in your home (and you should) this is the most suitable time to have them blessed.

Tuesday, 3rd February: Commemoration of St Blaise. The 17:30pm TL Mass will be followed by the traditonal Blessing of the Throats.

Wednesday, 25th February: Ash Wednesday. A Traditional Latin Mass will be said at 18:00pm, (this is to allow more people to attend) the ashes will be imposed.

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scripturelink said...

Can I add you as a poster on SAcath, and tsa, we'd have to have different types of posts, but there is so much news, I want to keep up to date with these events!