Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Missing Link

Thanks to Scripturelink who has pointed out an oversight on my part. No link to a text for Traditional Latin Mass.

At the Cathedral we are temporarily using the text from

The problem is that there are a few errors in that text . That's why it is temporary.

We have a project to bring out a definitive missalette for use in SA, hopefully in the first quarter of 2009.


Stephen Korsman said... is a good source for the rubrics; it takes a bit of tweaking to save anything from that site, though, but it can be done.

Thanks for the blog ... lovely to have this on tap to know any new developments, without having to wonder and ask people who also don't know.

Any thoughts on a travelling priest? Probably too soon to hope, but hopefully not too soon to start the idea :-)

Christopher said...

Interesting thought. I wonder what the situation with confessions would be though? A priest usually has to have faculties from the diocesan bishop. Worth looking into.

Stephen Korsman said...

Yip ... the local bishop would have to agree. Accommodation, etc also to be arranged ... as it gains support, it might work out.