Monday, December 15, 2008

Stop linking, you brazen hussy! (said in a broad brogue)

One of the most heinous acts a girl could commit at my wife's convent school was linking. That was walking arm-in-arm with another girl. To the upper-middle class Irish nuns this was the act, without parallel, that marked one as that terrible thing - "a factory girl". The sight of five or six girls walking arm-in-arm could send Sister Atracta into apoplexy.

That being said and with all respect to Sister Atracta I thought I would add a few links.

First and foremost we have the link to the International Federation Una Voce. If I didn't do that I don't think my e-mails to 'Head Quarters' would be answered.

Una Voce Orange County has a wonderful site that allows you to download the Propers for Sunday Masses. Very useful if you are only using a missalette.

Sancta Missa is maintained by the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. It includes all sorts of downloadable resources as well as a training video for priests wanting to learn to say the TLM. If you got at least five numbers and the bonus ball in the Lotto you may just be able to afford their famous hand missal. Not their fault though, what with the exchange rate and the cost of postage. Hopefully as demand grows prices will drop.

The New Liturgical Movement works to promote the TLM as well as restore the continuity of the New Rite with the liturgical traditions of the Church. The second goal is not strictly speaking one of the goals of Una Voce, but I have included this link because of the TLM coverage. If banal liturgy, sack-like vestments and tunes in two-and-four are getting you down go to the NLM for a feast of Catholic liturgy and a bit of balm for the soul.

"What does the prayer really say?" is the blog of the famous Fr.Z. (that is Zulhsdorf, see why the 'Z' is easier). Along with information on the TLM and Fr. Z's thoughts on liturgy, you can find out what he thinks about Womynpriests (no prizes for guessing), what he is cooking tonight and why he never ever -absolutely never -wears pink for Guadete and Laetare Sundays but only rosacea.

Also visit the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. They have tons of useful downloads especially the Latin course, Simplissimus. This course teaches you Latin using the TLM as the basis for the course. And best of all you can download it for free.

"Now off to the chapel 'me dear' and ask Our Blessed Mother to forgive you that bout of linking and don't try Sister's temper so."

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