Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Blog's Policy

I am new to blogging so I should have perhaps done this before. I now, however, feel the need to clearly state this blog's policy.

This is the official blog of Una Voce SA. It purpose is to support the activities of Una Voce SA, these activities are in line with the statements and activities of the International Federation Una Voce.

It is not my personal blog and the statements etc. are official and not my personal views. To keep things interesting I will sometimes employ a personal style, but I will not express personal views.

The purpose of this blog is to inform readers of Una Voce SA activities.

I encourage comments but debates, statements on traditional groups that are not affliliated to Una Voce do not have a place on this blog. I will delete any comments that fall outside the scope of this blog .

There are a number of other blogs etc. that handle these issues. Kindly use them as a forum to express these view.

Una Voce SA content on other blogs, facebook: Una Voce SA content appears on a number of blogs. Please note that this does not mean that Una Voce SA supports the views expressed in these blogs. If you use Una Voce content in any form kindly reference this blog. If you see other blogs using content and not referencing this blog kindly inform me.

Links to websites and blogs: I have received a number of kind offers to add other blogs as links from this blog. Unfortunately, as this is an official Una Voce SA blog I am not able to do this. I even hesitated over adding Fr. Z. Many of the blogs in question are in any event much better known and frequented than this blog and so I am sure they will not suffer from not being mentioned here. I will from time to time add references to sites that offer resources.

I trust that this does not cause offence and all will receive it in the charitable spirit in which it is meant.

Christopher Cordeiro

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