Friday, February 6, 2009

A Two-month Anniversary!! The next step?

On the 2nd of February (Feast of the Purification) we passed the important milestone of two months of TL Masses at the Cathedral of Christ the King.

Co-incidently that milestone was marked by the first celebration of Candlemas in the "usus antiquor" (i.e. the ancient use -according to the 1962 Missale) in forty years. We had a procession around the Cathedral and said the Antiphons for the Purification. The goal for next year - singing.

The Mass on Sunday was also a first as it was our first sung Mass. Many thanks to the choir members who attended and the organist/choir director Michael Burrell.

God willing, from now on all our Sunday Masses will be sung. We will also be adding to the solemnity of the masses by including more servers as soon as they are all trained.

With these developments I think that it is fair to say that we have established the TL Mass at the Cathedral.

Now I need the readers of this blog to help us meet the challenge of expansion.

First and foremost that challenge is one of educating the existing Cathedral faithful about the TLM and traditional Catholicism in general. As support for the TLM grows more Masses can be added to the schedule.

The next challenge is increasing the number of people who come to the TLM from outside the Cathedral parish. There is a faithful group who come every Sunday that we have Mass but that group needs to increase. Once again we need to inform and then educate.

Finally, those who already support the TLM need to get directly involved in making this expansion possible. There are a number of ways you can support the Mass, by direct evangelisation, singing in the choir, serving, etc.

Because of the "Rite of Election" (RCIA candidates from throughout the Diocese attend a function with the Archbishop) taking place at 11:00 on the first Sunday in March the TLM has had to be moved to the Third Sunday. We do however have the compensation of another Sunday Mass in the month on the fifth Sunday (see the side-bar for details).

This means that we have six weeks to make a big effort to promote the Mass. Please keep an eye on this blog and your e-mail as I will be asking for your help.

Also feel free to comment and make suggestions.

God Bless and remember to pray for the Pope and show your support for him by signing this petition

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