Friday, February 27, 2009

Promising first Sunday Mass in PE

The first Traditional Latin Mass in a diocesan parish to be offered on a Sunday in PE, took place on 22 February 2009 (Quinquagesima Sunday in the 1962 Calendar), at St Vincent's Parish, Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth. Mgr John Clarke offered the Mass.

Approximately 30 people were in attendance, and many were delighted by the opportunity of assisting at such a Mass on a Sunday.

Mgr Clarke preached a short sermon on the importance of carrying ones cross in daily life. All present were visibly edified by the simple beauty of the Mass.

Organisers managed to publicise the Mass in two parish newsletters - though in parishes in other parts of the city - and it is hoped that even wider publicity will be affored to future Masses. News of the Friday Masses is slowly filtering down to people - some of whom have expressed surprise, and pleasure at the progress made so far.

There is every hope that future Sunday Masses will take place, and our goal of a regular, Sunday Mass will become a reality.

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