Friday, February 20, 2009

Spot-a-poster Competition

In association with the cathedral, Una Voce SA has started a poster campaign aimed at informing everyone in the Archdiocese that the TLM is being celebrated at the cathedral. At yesterday's clergy meeting a number of priests took posters to put up in their parishes.

See the poster here

I would love to know where the posters have popped up. So if you see one please let me know. Perhaps it would be fun if you would comment here, but feel free to e-mail, call etc. What is the prize you cry! Well, how about unlimited bragging rights as premier poster spotter in Johannesburg? Your very own poster? ......

If your parish doesn't have a poster why not get one or two from me and ask to put them up in your parish?

Also feel free to ask for posters to put up anywhere that you can i.e. Catholic schools, Universities, Shopping centres, in your business, wherever you can.

Please help us to get the word about the TLM out to every Catholic in the Archdiocese.

Remember that many people left the Church when the Mass changed and so spreading the news about the Mass is a valuable apostolic work. One of the seven spiritual works of mercy i.e. instructing the ignorant. These people will not see a poster in a Catholic venue so be creative and see where you can get these posters displayed.

May God Bless you and The Blessed Virgin and all the Saints pray that you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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