Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Support Benedict XVI

The Holy Father has been under constant attack since he lifted the excommunications of the SSPX's bishops.

Catholics who are friends of tradition and who wish to show support for the Holy Father are encouraged to join an e-petition that will be presented to the Holy Father.

Please consider signing it

The original is in French so ignore the few mistakes.


scripturelink said...

read it, is of not, marc

Christopher said...

Note to Readers:

If you are looking for comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate reporting on the lifting of the SSPX excommunications and the Bishop Williamson affair I strongly suggest that you follow the following blogs:

Fr. Z here or The New Liturgical Movement here

The only thing I trust the BBC for is Test Match Special. Other than that they are notoriously anti-life, anti-Catholic and anti-Christian. Look at the fun series they commissioned Popetown